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Probing Vias

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Fred M.


Probing Vias | 20 July, 2005

With the new rev D release of IPC-A_610 came a new section which identifies a via (through hole) with nicks along the inside of the annular ring. Defect is all three classes and states "Damage to conductor or lands". We have for years defaulted to probing vias at ICT if a dedicated test pad was not available. This new addition looks to define any nick, dent or probe mark on a annular ring as a defect for every class.

Additionally the stated defect naming "conductors or lands" also seems to imply that a test pad with a dent or nick would also be a defect.

Has anyone seen or received any guidance fro the good folks at IPC or any other voice of/for our industry that would clarify this defect?

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