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SMT on boards with COBs

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SMT on boards with COBs | 14 July, 2005

I know what the COB process is, and I have no intention of getting involved with that end of things. I need to know how to place SMT parts on a board with a COB. It looks like the preferred method is to place the SMT parts first, then go through the COB process. Are there companies that will do this after we have placed the SMT parts? Our supplier has offered to complete the COB process on bare boards, then send them to us for SMT. Is this really a valid option, and if so, how do I print paste onto the board? Is this an opportunity for SIPAD? I'm thinking the SIPAD people can apply the solder to the side of the board with the COB, then we send the board out for the COB, and then we place the SMT parts. I've searched the archives, but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Thanks in advance for any help.

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SMT on boards with COBs | 16 July, 2005

If you have a glob of epoxy on your board, it will be difficult to stencil you paste on that side. Dispensing paste may be a better choice.

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SMT on boards with COBs | 26 September, 2005


Please contact me about using SIPAD for your project.

Matt Kehoe

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