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Flex Circuit Suppliers | 9 June, 2005

Can anyone recommend a flex/rigid-flex supplier stateside that can do the following:

Build to IPC class III (not necessarily certify) Multi-layer Controlled Impedance 2-4 week turn without price premium Take less than 1 week to quote

Any info appreciated.

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Flex Circuit Suppliers | 11 June, 2005

Check out Mektec Co. or Sumitomo. They fab. for HHD industry.

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Flex Circuit Suppliers | 1 July, 2005

Dear Sir, Let me introduce our company "QDOS", in brief we are the manufacture of the flexible printed circuits boards in Penang, Malaysia. We also do flex with components such as connectors, switches and etc.. Kindly e-mail your spec for review, will advise you between 2days time frame. Thanks/Regards Tony e-mail:

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Flex Circuit Suppliers | 5 July, 2005

North America's domestic flexible circuit production is approximately $858 million. [Harvey Miller, Fabfile Online] Company||Global $M||US $M||Major application||Assembly content 3M||380||78||Inkjet cartridge||Flex only, no assy M-Flex||283||50||Cell phone||>60% assy Hutchison||150||150||Disk drive suspension||Flex only, no assy Parlex||130||75||Automotive||Low assy, increasing Innovex||95||40||Disk drive suspension||High assy in other applications Multtek Flex||64||64||Automotive||Low assy, increasing Tyco||||40||Defense, rigid-flex||Low Minco||||28||Medical||Low Amphenol||||24||Varied||High Teledyne||||22||Defense, rigid-flex||Low Delphi||||17||Defense, aero rigid-flex||High Century C&E||||20||Varied||Low 75 others||||250

Look here:,2135,153723,00.html

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