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Fibres / threads inside PTHs

Ashok Dhawan


Fibres / threads inside PTHs | 2 May, 2000

I am finding transparent fibres , specks or needle shaped threads inside my via holes. I am not sure these are fibre glass / epoxy or flux. I do not find many on bare board. The flux used is NC Low residue and this assy is Single sided .

Presently, I am cleaning them off with Iso and Air Ionizing Gun.

Any ideas on what could be sources of this problem.

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Dan Foose


Re: Fibres / threads inside PTHs | 2 May, 2000

The first step in pinpointing the exact source of the fibers is to have them identified. Are they fiber glass, epoxy or flux? Or are they something else? I can help you with this if you want. Check out\ .

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Kal Chakraborty.


Re: Fibres / threads inside PTHs | 5 May, 2000

Hi Ashok,

Is there any rework process on those assembl./PWB ..if yes --what kind of tools are your operators using now ...brush? spudger? cloths (is it lint free?) ect.

I hope you are not talking about nodules in the hole barrel.

Regards Kc.

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