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Stencil Rolls


Stencil Rolls | 2 June, 2005

I'm still buying my solder printer cleaning rolls from my manufacturer. Does anyone know of any after market brand that is as good in quality and atleast half the price. I am paying $80.00 a roll.


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Stencil Rolls | 3 June, 2005



Part No. 2660 works fine with us, 21 Euro

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Stencil Rolls | 3 June, 2005

Thats a crazy price for a stencil roll. We are paying 5GBP per roll. About 8 euros.

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Stencil Rolls | 3 June, 2005

Might also try "Count on Tools":

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Stencil Rolls | 4 June, 2005

That's ridiculous. I honestly can't remember where we used to get ours (my days with an inline printer are just a memory), but it might have been JnJ. Try

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Stencil Rolls | 7 June, 2005

hi solcom:

kindly check the we sell the stencil roll: 1)suited for machine:MPM,DEK,JUKI,ERKA,Minami etc. brands. 2)paper type:68g(C1,suitable for dry uses),60g(C100),55g,50g,40g(C60,suitable for vacuum absorbent uses). 3)excellent absorbency,no detergent needed. 4)very soft and harmless on surfaces. kindly contact me directly,

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peter ng


Stencil Rolls | 13 June, 2005

The Standard prize for the cleaning rolls is about RM30(US 6.5 dollar).That's too expensive already.BEST REGARDS.

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