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AOI photondynamic 7750 problem


AOI photondynamic 7750 problem | 28 May, 2005

We have AOI photondynamic 7750. Problem 1. it hang very often. 2. During starting of day x axix does not move. we need to move manually & then start otherwise it will not move by machine motor. ajay

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AOI photondynamic 7750 problem | 30 May, 2005

I don't know this machine but I have seen a similar problem on other machines. Have you cleaned and lubed the guide rods for the x-axis? It's easy to forget that AOI machines do need some maintenance. Is it possible that it hangs, while waiting for the x-axis to move? One indication of this would be if the next x movement is a small one, but that might be hard to determine. In any case clean and lube all guides and flush any bearings with very light oil. Was any supplied with the machine? I know Mirtec comes with a bottle of oil. Basically sewing machine oil.

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