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board cleaniness SIR test service



board cleaniness SIR test service | 16 May, 2005

Does anybody knows any outside service for SIR testing. I am being question if my cleaning process is good enough and I don't have any ways of proofing it.

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board cleaniness SIR test service | 16 May, 2005

Labs to consider are: * Delsen Testing Labs; 1024 Grand Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91201-3011; 818-247-4106 F 818-247-4537; Brian Mccory * Microtek Labs; 1435 S. Allec St, Anaheim, CA 92805-6306; 714-999-1616 F 714-999-1636; Mike Shepherd Bob Neves * Preferred Testing Lab; 5148 Commerce Ave, Suite D, Moorpark, CA 93021-7139; 805-532-2092 F 805-532-2094; Major Mirza * Pacific Testing Lab, 24950 Ave, Tibbetts, Valencia, CA 91355-3426; 661-257-1437 F 661-257-2411; Kathy Kingsbury Micheal Shin * Robisan Laboratory; 6502 East 21st Street Indianapolis, IN 46219-2211; 317-353-6249 F 317-917-2379; Roby Hott Susan Mansilla * Trace Lab (Central); 1150 West Euclid Ave, Palatine, IL 60067; 847-934-5300 F 847-934-4600; Jeff Shutt (Gen. Mngr) Norm Hunt (Lab Mngr) * Trace Labs (East) 5 North Park Dr, Hunt Valley, MD 21030-1813; 410-584-9099 F 410-584-9117; Mia Riley * Valley Labs; 3529 Old Conejo Rd, Suite 112, Newbury Park, CA 91320-2155; 805-499-3613 F 805-499-0175; Emory Smith Judy Milin

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board cleaniness SIR test service | 18 May, 2005

Hi there - Add us to your list - our laboratory provides SIR testing and offers advice on how to optimize cleanliness. Check out our website at - you can find more info and how to contact us there.

Regards, Sara Gorcos Foresite Inc.

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