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Connector placement



Connector placement | 28 April, 2005

Hi, We have to select an odd-form placement machine for our production. It have to place 4 different types of connectors from tray and tube.And later other products as well. I know that PMJ and Universal has this kind of odd-form placer. Do you know other machine manufacturers who may have this kind of machine? I would like to have as many possibilities to check as possible. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Connector placement | 28 April, 2005


Have you looked at Siemens F4 & F5? Regarding PMJ from experience I'd steer well clear (i.e. initial cost, flexibility, cost to add functionality at a later date), however a good second user or remanufactured GSM makes a good odd form placer & is very flexible.

I have also seen a Panasonic Oddform placer but it was a bit on the pricy side from what I remember.


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Connector placement | 28 April, 2005

The Juki KE-2060 machine has a very good programming tool for programming odd components.

I have thrown quite a few odd connectors and odd BGA at it and the machine placed them all. Custom nozzles can be pricy, so I always try to find a way to use the standard nozzles.

If you are near a local sales office ask them for a demo and bring your components. Having data sheets for the parts help, but it is always fun guessing at the right data to make the machine work.


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