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Positive Pressure Facility


Positive Pressure Facility | 6 April, 2005

We are beginning to think about adding positive pressure in our plant to reduce dust and other crud. * What do we need to think about? * What kind of equipment is used? * What kind of cost and implementation issues need to be considered?

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Positive Pressure Facility | 6 April, 2005


Most dust and other crud is actually generated inside a plant. While working at another company they brought in consultants for this same issue. I don't remember the exact amount but only around 20% comes from the outside.

Unless you are looking at a clean room type set-up with plenty of filtering, the positive pressure does not help much.


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Positive Pressure Facility | 6 April, 2005

You might consider actrive pressure control. Without it you may find it hard to open the doors. Especially, with the smaller Asian ladies.

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Positive Pressure Facility | 7 April, 2005


I used to run a clean room, and it's right, most of the dust is created internally.

You will need to add some HEPA filtering to the area, and an air handling unit that can control temp and humidity as well to get correct environmental control. It's not that hard, but there are other things that can be done.

Positive pressure is a good thing, and will keep external dust out, so it's a start.

* Reduce or eliminate paper and card in the clean area, as most dust comes from paper fibers.

* Don't tear plastic packaging, as the plastic at the tear becomes small crystals that become dust.

* Vacuum all the time, and have it happen after each shift. Install one of those vacuum systems that use pipes to the vacuum motor mounted outside away from a door. All the dust will be sucked outside. They are cheap to install, so a good start. The simplest way to eliminate dust is to suck it outside constantly.

* Use a sealed floor such as floor tile, and try and turn up the floor at the wall and travel up the wall where things bang against the wall, so plaster does not fall off the walls and become dust.

* You can use double door anti rooms to stop people just walking in and out without putting on some clean room garments. These keep dust from peoples cloths from getting all over the place.

* There are sticky floor mats you can get and clean room shoe covers that keep dust from being walked in.

* Keep horizontal surfaces to a minimum, as that's where dust collects. Try and design shelfs and other things on an angle, so dust does not collect.

That's all clean room stuff, and might be a bit over the top for you, but some of these things will help keep dust down. Keeping peoples cloths and shoes covered, and keeping cardboard packing boxes out of the area should help, along with constant vacuuming.

Hope this helps.



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Positive Pressure Facility | 13 April, 2005

We have a controlled pressure facility. When the pressure is set at 0.2 lbs above outside our security doors that open outward do not close by themselvs causing alarms. Our facility remains dusty under and on equipment because of conditions listed on other threads. Pressure alone will not keep a plant clean.

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