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mask align on liquid solder mask


mask align on liquid solder mask | 4 April, 2005

Hi! I'm new to here, so let me introduce myself. My name is Szathmari Gabor, and I'm an electrical engineer student in Hungary. There is a task in the university that I have to do, so I ask your help, dear smtnet forumers :) The task is: a factory elsewhere uses liquid (or wet?) photosensitive solder mask. They align a the photomask of the circuit by hand, then they expose it with UV light. The task is to automate the photomask aligning with some kind of machine. Can you help me where should I start to search?

Thank you Szathmari Gabor

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mask align on liquid solder mask | 4 April, 2005

We'd contact suppliers of LPISM. Top LPISM available in the United States are: * Coates ImageCure XV501T & XV501TSM * Coates ImageFlex (Flexible Solder Mask) SV 601T * Enthone DSR 3241 and DSR 3241 GM * Rogers RFlex 8080 LP1 & RFlex 8080 LP3 (Flexible) * Taiyo PSR 4000 BN and 4000 AUS5 * Taiyo PSR 9000 (Flexible) * Vantico's Probimer 77 LPI Solder Mask

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mask align on liquid solder mask | 6 April, 2005

Besides the solder mask suppliers, I would contact some makers of exposure and alignment equipment. Try OLEC ( - they make different types of expsoure equipment. Another good source is a company called All-4-PCB (they rep a number of PCB equipment companies). Their website is

Good general PCB manufacturing info can be found at

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mask align on liquid solder mask | 7 April, 2005

Thanks for your answers! I will see them, and I'll write soon what I found helpful.

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mask align on liquid solder mask | 18 April, 2005

I have checked the links that you and Will gave to me.

I have new info about my task: The task is to summarize the mask aligning methods.

The first method: The factory already has an UV machine for the exposure, so they search some positions with a simple loupe, then they put the mask on the top of the liquid solder mask, and it goes to the UV.

The second method. I found some automatic machines from Adtec

The questions:

- What other methods are used for mask positioning? - Can you suggest me some other companies than Adtec ?

Please help me, I have only 3 weeks left! :))

Thanks a lot!!!

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