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modifying a pcb?



modifying a pcb? | 19 March, 2005

i have a bit of a problem. i need a 320x240 lcd with a 5.7" screen, and a max width of 146mm. i have checked with about a dozen manufacturers and 148mm is the smallest they make without custom designing the pcb, and this is prohibitively expensive. what im wondering is would it be possible to get one of these stock sizes and file 1mm off each side with out damaging the display? here is an example of the display im talking about:


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modifying a pcb? | 21 March, 2005

It's possible to remove 1mm from each side of the board. Obviously, you need to avoid damaging the board circuitry or the display. If we were going to try this, we'd poke the working end of a Sears router through a hole in the table and fixture a work holder to control the amount of material removed.

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