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Omniflo motor



Omniflo motor | 2 March, 2005

Hi all

We have an Omniflo 5 (-97 vintage) with pin chain conveyor. Lately the chain drive motor has started to emit some chirping noises, as if there were a bearing running dry or something. Is there some kind of maintenance schedule specified for this motor (Baldor Electric Co.)? The Omniflo manual doesn't mention anything on this. The gearbox does seem to have a filler plug but oddly enough no drainage plug and when I remove the filler plug the gearbox seems dry. Is it supposed to be oil filled or something? Or should I just wait till some bearing seizes and then replace the entire motor-gearbox unit?

Regards Hannu

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Omniflo motor | 2 March, 2005

Why don't you ask the mfr.'s tech support ?

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Omniflo motor | 3 March, 2005

The gears should be wet. This gear box acts like a rear end axle. Not sure of the lubricant but it is like a red transission lube, comes in as complete unit from supplier. You can't get the lube from Speedline since it is sold as a complete unit.

I would also clean the brushes on the motor.

thanks marc

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Slow Ride


Omniflo motor | 3 March, 2005

It's your brushes. Had the same thing happen not too long ago. Also, fill that gear box.

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