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Manufacturers of lease equipment

Jim Gutierrez


Manufacturers of lease equipment | 18 February, 2005

How are manufacturers of electronic product that is never sold affected by RoHS. Can someone direct me to a documented statement. An example of such a company would be CoinStar, in WA.

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Manufacturers of lease equipment | 18 February, 2005

My current company used to manufacturer the electronics for coin star. That aside...if you have no intent to sell in Europe you are not affected. But imagine if you (Coin Star)are approached by Europe's largest retailer for 5,000 Kiosks. "Oh", they say. "Your not registered or RoHS / WEEE Compliant". "Oops. We've made a mistake". And on to your compliant competitor they go.

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Manufacturers of lease equipment | 19 February, 2005

Examples are: * Commercial airliner manufacturers are exempt. Regardless, Airbus announced that they plan to comply. A short time later, Boeing announced they would comply. * California with its copying RoHS legislation into state law has been formally admitted into the EU. * China has its own version of RoHS. * Japan has its own verion of RoHS

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Manufacturers of lease equipment | 2 March, 2005

Thanks Dave, just ship over all your loonies & weirdos - it's not as if we don't have enough already over here (especially in Brussels...)!

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