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Lead Free Changeover



Lead Free Changeover | 4 February, 2005

We are starting to look at doing some trials at the mo. I have attended a couple of seminars with one on Wave Soldering coming up soon.Loads of info. now have to make sense of it all.

Just a couple of questions/advise on how other people have approached this:

1.Did everyone go with Industry Standard SAC305 for SMT? If so is there much difference in cost between suppliers to do trials on each Product.

2.When running trials do all components need to be Leadfree also to get reliable results?

3. Has anyone started using Leadfree paste as part of their current Process with Leaded Components?

Any replies are appreciated as I know there are loads of different reasons behind selection etc.



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Mark M


Lead Free Changeover | 4 February, 2005

I think everyone has answered these over and over again. Try doing a search on forums for Lead free and you would be surpised of the results.

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Lead Free Changeover | 4 February, 2005

Do a search for SAC305. There will be lots of answers. Jay Brower has done good work on it.

Cheers Indy

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