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Stamping SMT assemblies


Stamping SMT assemblies | 12 January, 2005

We seem to have an accountability issue when it comes to operators building defective product. Currently we are putting a piece of masking tape with the assembly #, work order, and operator initials on our black trays at the end of the reflow oven. I have noticed that as the boards progress through SMT and other areas, those pieces of tape with initials on them seem to get mixed up or end up getting replaced with someone else's (other areas) label.

My suggestion to my boss is that we give each of the operators a small rubber stamp with their own # on it. Instead of putting their initials on a removable piece of masking tape, they will put a discreet number somewhere on the board.

Does anyone have any experience with this ? Can you give me the name of a company that produces stamps for this purpose ?

Thanks in advance.

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Stamping SMT assemblies | 12 January, 2005

Or do as we do and use Sharpie pens and document clock numbers right on to the board/panel. But as for the stamps I have used them at a previous place and they seemed to work good but only thing is I can't seem to remember where they got them from.

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Stamping SMT assemblies | 12 January, 2005

Se�or Tech

QC Inspection stamps: * VRS Marking, 567 Camino Mercado Ste. A, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420, 800-782-6790 805-481-9787 Fax: 800-743-3135 Fax: 805-474-1238

* Des Moines Rubber Stamp Works, 851 6th Ave. Des Moines, IA 50309 or Box 1798 Des Moines, IA 50306, 800-782-6763 Fax: 1-888-236-7739

* Carolina Stamp & Engraving Company, 1417 Norwood St SW, Lenoir, NC 28645, 877-759-0132 828-759-0132 f 877-759-0133 f 828-759-0133

This may be folly. If someone doesn't want you to know they worked on a board, it will be tough to make a marking identification / self reporting system work. [Your masking tape approach doesn't work. Why will stamps work? Yano?] Now, bar coding that's a little more fool-proof. Admittedly, installing bar code wedges, labeling boards, etc. for the sole purpose of trying to figure-out who worked on a board is also folly, but the potential benefits could be greater if you could make additional use of bar coding.

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Stamping SMT assemblies | 2 February, 2005


The reason the tape doesn't work is because it can be removed. Same with bar codes. (You can also swap them) My idea is that each operator is assigned their own # on a stamp. Not the stamps that you can change. Fixed ones.

I know of a large local OEM that utilizes this with some success.

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Stamping SMT assemblies | 2 February, 2005

Colored paint pens by Abbeon are inexpensive and cannot be removed with things such as flux-off. They have a ton of colors and all it takes is half a second to touch each board.

Remember, this will NOT eliminate or solve your defect problems(like many bosses think).

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Stamping SMT assemblies | 2 February, 2005

We have used small hi temp labes, that are placed on our panels, boards before reflow. Each operator has a roll of labels with an assigned number. 4 operators, label 1, 2, 3 and 4.

It worked well for us.

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