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Board re-work


Board re-work | 5 January, 2005

I'd be interested to hear people's views on the following please:

I have a board that has both THT and SMT on it. I have to remove one of the SMT devices and replace it with a small module. The shape of the module is such that the connection legs are not accessible anymore so hand soldering isn't possible.

Is it possible to re-reflow the board i.e. with the other components in place? Is there something obvious I'm missing!?

Thanks all.


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Board re-work | 5 January, 2005

It is possible to re reflow (is that right?) these assemblies. You will probably have to mask off or remove the through hole components if they cannot withstand the reflow temp.

I would recommend however, that you utilize a hot air process to install these parts. You can "tin the pads" so there is solder present, add flux, place the part and reflow locally with a hot air gun or a rework station if you have one. You will be able to see the part solder into place.

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Board re-work | 11 January, 2005

I go with hot air. If that isn't possiable than I would say run a test. Reflow one board and see what happens. If it gose bad all the through-hole might have to be taken out. Let us know how it gose. Megan

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