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Novastar Wave Soldering Machine



Novastar Wave Soldering Machine | 4 January, 2005

Anybody have any first hand experience with their systems?

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Novastar Wave Soldering Machine | 4 January, 2005

WE have had one for many years, it has been very reliable, They are not the cadillac of wave machines, but suitable. Parts from novastar are pricy, but again we have not had many problems.

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Novastar Wave Soldering Machine | 4 January, 2005

We seemed to replace a lot of optical couplers and absolutely hated that the calibration instuctions in the manual were not translated from German. [Got politely escorted from the Novastar Booth at a trade show for complaining to the company president about that one.]

Other than those things, it was a relatively inexpensive workable machine.

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Novastar Wave Soldering Machine | 6 January, 2005

Preheaters are a bit weak. Don't know if they have improved them lately.

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Novastar Wave Soldering Machine | 11 January, 2005

You can do much better than Novastar, their systems once made in Germany -now completely designed and manufactured in India and the quality control has suffered as well as Novastar'ss reputation and ability to keep up technologically. These machines are all about price, not performance.

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Novastar Wave Soldering Machine | 20 January, 2005

I had worked with one some time ago. The preheat was not powerfull enough and we had a difficult time with the tope side flow.

Good Luck

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Novastar Wave Soldering Machine | 21 January, 2005

Right, brilliant thread! I concur the Novastar preheater is junk and the pot drosses much more than our Electroverts. Save your dough and buy a used machine first.

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