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Weller BGA Rework



Weller BGA Rework | 18 December, 2004

Looking at purchasing an inexpensive BGA rework machine. Saw Weller's BGA system (model 3000) a few months ago . . . seemed to work Ok. Now that I am ready to buy, read on one of their resellers website that this model is being discontinued. I am apprehensive about contacting Weller directly as I doubt that they will give me a straight answer.

Problem: even if some are available, don't want to be stuck with a discontinued machine (service and spares will like be problematic). Does anyone know if they are coming out with a new model or are they removing this product line altogether?

Thanks -Mike

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Weller BGA Rework | 18 December, 2004

Weller is a big name in hand soldering. I have beed using weller soldering station even when I was a student in secondary level. I believe that they will have a newer version like 3000S/st or higher. Pricing for these new model is less than US$ 1,900

Please contact them directly or you may ask other supplier for this kind of product like Hakko,Goot etc.I do not have the web site but try searching the web.

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