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ROSE Test Instruments



ROSE Test Instruments | 7 December, 2004


Is there a standard expiry date for a ROSE Test Instrument Like Ionographs, Omega Meters, Zero-Ion etc.? How can I verify if my OmegaMeter 500 which is almost 20 years old is providing me reliable data during testing? Note that the equipment is calibrated yearly and was just calibrated 2 months ago.

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ROSE Test Instruments | 10 December, 2004

Contact they have your answer.

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ROSE Test Instruments | 12 December, 2004

The reliability of the measurements provided by your instrument is indicated by consistency. This is a process control tool. it does not provide absolute measurements. It does is not tie to the NBS, er whatever they use in the land of the frozen tudra.

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ROSE Test Instruments | 13 December, 2004

I don't know exactly what you are hoping to learn from the ROSE tester, but if you want some information on how ROSE testing correlates (or doesn't corrlate) to actual board cleanliness and long term performance, take a look at a correlation study we have on our website, Visit to view the study. If you have more questions, contact us offline through this board or our website.

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