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SMT Device Storage



SMT Device Storage | 26 November, 2004


I have a small SMT section that produces low volume but high mix assemblies and, therefore, has over 300 devices.

I am looking for a low cost flexible storage solution and believe I have an idea which I recall is available but I cannot find where.

I want to manufacture a "clothes rail" type frame and hand the reels of components in bags on the rail using a re-sealable bag with a clothes hanger type moulding secured to the top. This will allow me to expand sections for individual components by simply pushing the divider along the rail.

It is a much more flexible solution than fixed racks and also an extremely cost effective solution.

Does anyone know of this type of solution and if, where I can obtain the bags??

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SMT Device Storage | 30 November, 2004

Try contacting a company called Jalema. They have a product line similar to what you're looking for.

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SMT Device Storage | 2 December, 2004

hey fcox,


"Welcome to Jalema. We supply products and solutions for document and file management. On this site you'll find, amongst others, our complete product range for the health care sector, for the graphic industry, for government and many other industries. Also, articles on how to file efficiently and information about the future of filing. Of course you can order our products online. Choose your language and enjoy!"

The guy is not askin' for Book shelves...wrong link.

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