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Screen Printing using metal blades


Screen Printing using metal blades | 12 November, 2004

Hi All

For the past 8 years we have been screen printing paste succesfully using hard rubber blades. Over the past 12 months we have changed paste from lead to lead free, the board size has changed from 300x200mm to 120x90mm and we have also moved to 1005 parts. We have found it more difficult to control the paste height across the board using rubber blades and have tried a set of metal blades instead.

We use KME SP20 machines and the blade holders set the rubber blades to an angle of 60 degrees. The metal holders we have been supplied set the blades to an angle of 45 degrees. We have found that when we use the metal blades we get better paste height results across the board however, we believe, because of the angle of the blades we have to slow the print speed down on the SP20. My questions are:-

1. Can I buy holders and blades for KME SP20 machines which are set up at 60 degrees. (If so could someone give me contact details please)

2. Would you expect to see a reduction in the print speed between blades set at 60 degrees and blades set at 45 degrees.

Any help on this matter would be appreciated.



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Screen Printing using metal blades | 12 November, 2004

Hello Terry We have found that the best angle for metal blades is 37 to 45 degrees. Metal blades won't enter the stencil opening, rubber does. Metal blades are with out question the best way to print. If you go over 45 degress the blades will leave solder paste on the stencil behind the blades. The thickness of the stencil is to control the solder height on the pads and if the blades leave solder on the stencil the rework station gets for use. Hope some of this helps. Would not know where you can get the blades we only sell MPM's. Harry

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Screen Printing using metal blades | 15 November, 2004

For fine pitch components we would suggest slow movement of metal squeegee. The effect of angle is minimal. You may check squeegees from Transition Automation they can help you with the holder and the best squeegee. I do not have the web site,


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Screen Printing using metal blades | 16 November, 2004

I love(d) my transition automation blades. they also have blade holders as well.


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