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Luxeon Lumiled


Luxeon Lumiled | 9 November, 2004

What thermally conductive glues are available to glue Luxeon Lumiled parts down?

Are single part glues without an activator available, suitable for screen printing or dispensing?

Many thanks

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Luxeon Lumiled | 9 November, 2004

Thermally conductive epoxies are rarely used to hold components in-place. They are more likely used as fillers between two surfaces.

Yes, single part glues without an activator are available that are suitable for screen printing or dispensing.

Some thermally conductive epoxy suppliers are: * Epoxytech

* Epoxies Inc. ( * Ablestik (subsidiary of National Starch and Chemical Company)

* Epotek

* DuPont

* Methode Electronics

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Luxeon Lumiled | 10 November, 2004

That's great - thanks for the advice on the epoxy's.

Can anyone provide any info on the single part thermally conductive adhesives or fillers that do not require an activator?

Mant thanks.

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Luxeon Lumiled | 11 November, 2004

Hi Charlie,

In case you're processing large quantities of lumileds you may want to have a look at the Assembleon FS machine. It is an FCM machine of only half the length with some dedicated robots on it. In stead of all Pick&Place robots it 2 dispense units, then 2 P&P units and then 2 hot-iron soldering units, so you get the full process in one machine. This link should take you straight to the FS-machine:


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Luxeon Lumiled | 16 November, 2004

Hello Charlie,

For Application of thermal conductive glue by dispensing, Luxeon recommends Amicon E3503 from Emerson and Cuming ( for its standard Luxeon Power Light Sources. For optimal thermal connection it is important that the total slug area is wetted with adhesive after the emitter is placed on the MCPCB.

Also, a selection of available solder flux pastes to include: -Metals 390DH4 -Metals LR735 -Metals NS4029 -ESP 6-412 -Cobar 380SR-flux gel

The alternative for automated assembly of Lumileds, different for Assembleon�s FS-machine which Base has mentioned is HBSM. You could find more information on:

Good luck


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