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Transparent Laminate

James Callender


Transparent Laminate | 5 November, 2004

Hey, I'm a student who is trying to etch my own circuit boards (for an art class surprisingly). Does anyone know where I could purchase a copper clad board that uses a transparent laminate? Transparency is sort of important, as this project is more about the aesthetics of electronics.

Thanks in advance! -james

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Transparent Laminate | 8 November, 2004

We are aware of no transparent laminates. Most are roughly translucent, with a milky white color. Some laminated are quite thin and could serve your purpose.

As an alternative, could you etch foil [that's readily available] and the attach the etched foil to a clear material, like glass or plexiglas?

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Transparent Laminate | 9 November, 2004

If you are doing small circuits, you could use glass slides

apply conductive epoxy traces, place your components in it and cure at ~ 120 Degree C

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