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Samsung sitck feeder problem


Samsung sitck feeder problem | 1 October, 2004

The company that I work for just bought two new Samsung pick and place machines (CP45FV). I love them. But we are having problems with the vibe stick feeders that we have. They have no groves or slots for the parts so if the tubs move at all the placement is off the head tosses the part. The whole point of having parts in tubes is to keep inventory down. Inventory down = cost down. And with our vibes tossing a quarter to half the parts from ever tube we are loosing many high cost parts. Has anyone else run across this problem with the stick feeders on the Samsung P&P machines? If so, how did you solve it? We were using the Phillips GEM P&P machines and had a good system for those vibes. We had interchangeable plates with slots that were added in after we bought them. We have though of trying to update these vibe plates but still haven�t come up with a way to do this. We could sure use some help on this issue. Megan

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Samsung sitck feeder problem | 1 October, 2004


Sounds like you are missing the adjustable guides on the vibe feeders- Please contact me directly so I can help you get them working correctly


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Samsung sitck feeder problem | 1 October, 2004

after we teach their positions We tape the sticks down. It is also helpful to make sure that you tighten the "discs" that are located on the tension rods. There are available if you desire guides and stops from Samsung that attach directly to the feeders, these work very well. We personally don't use the guides so we can get more sticks on each feeder to save space. Contact for info on the guides.


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