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BGA Solderability Standard



BGA Solderability Standard | 7 September, 2004

It's been a while since BGA usage become widespread. Ton's of articles had been written with regards to design, processing, techniques, inspection etc...but it seems like there's still no hard ground for standards and IPC 7095 doesn't cover everything specially solderability issues. I maybe wrong but I'm after a solderability standard that is effective and can be used by QA, Process and Manufacturing. The way I see it, every experience with BGA seems to be contested as there is no written standards available from IPC or certain body governing electronics solderability.

What is your standard when it comes to solderability?


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BGA Solderability Standard | 7 September, 2004

Au contraire, mon ami. Although there is not "BGA" solderability test specified in J-STD-002A, the Test S can be used to assess solderability on BGA packages. [Joint Soldering Technology Committee ]

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BGA Solderability Standard | 14 September, 2004

USE JEDEC Specification EIA/JESD22-B102-C


1. Stencil print BGA solder paste pattern onto ceramic substrates

2. Carefully and accurately P&P BGA devices onto the dispensed solder paste pattern to avoid smearing the solder paste.

3. Reflow in oven with BGA profile

4. After reflow, remove the substrate and devices and allow them to cool down. After the devices cooled to room temperature, remove the the components from the ceramic substrate using tweezers.

5. Remove BGA device from ceramic plate and inspect solder BGA balls at 10X - 100X for solder coverage.

From JEDEC specification the accept/reject criteria for visual inspection of leads is as follows:

All terminations shall exhibit a continuous solder coating free from defects for a minimum of 95% of the critical surface area of any individual termination. Anomalies other than dewetting, nonwetting, and pinholes are not cause for rejection.

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