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Bga pad remaning solder



Bga pad remaning solder | 23 August, 2004

Hi, Would like to know if the design of the Bga pad is depth and after used solder wick and soldering iron to remove the the damage solder ball,there are still remaining solder inside the pad.Is there any method to remove the remaining solder.

Thank You

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Bga pad remaning solder | 23 August, 2004

Three methods, all work, all require generous use of flux.

1.) Use a heated, electrical desoldering tool with flux. Just be sure that you select a forgiving desoldering tip with a rounded tip end to it so that you do not scratch the pad. Advantage: This is the quickest of all methods.

2.) Use LowMelt Desolder Wire with a preheating device such as a hot plate or an airbath. Advantage: This is a completly non-contact, low temperature approach.

3.) Use a soldering iron and desolder braid/wick. You really must be generous here with the flux as the opportunity for the braid to "stick" to and lift the pad exists with each pad. Advantage: Lowest cost investment.

I've done all three and still do all three. Each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but all three work well.

Good luck.

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Bga pad remaning solder | 23 August, 2004

Hi Terry, Thanks for the reply,but if the Bga are in big quantity like 10k and above,is there any faster method to solve this problem

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Bga pad remaning solder | 24 August, 2004

The methods Terry mentioned are good, but our operators are too impatient. Here's how they do site prep, after removing the BGA: * Use a soldering iron to melt the solder at the base of the ball. * Flick the ball[s] from the pad[s] with the soldering iron. [They do this in a "box" which is bigger than a board, has a back, two sides, a front edge, and a bottom. It collects solder balls for reclaiming.] * Level the remaining solder on the pad with the soldering iron. * Move on.

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