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SMT Production | 22 August, 2004

Could someone help with the definition of AVL? Assy vertical leads or automation vertival lead. Also, is there a site where I can learn more about this and expand my learning. I am trying to get back in this field and make a proposal for a company. Thank you very much.


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SMT Production | 22 August, 2004

Alternate Vendor List

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SMT Production | 23 August, 2004

Or: Approved Vendor List.



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SMT Production | 23 August, 2004

"Acronym Finder" gives the following choices:

AVL Acad�mia Valenciana de La Llengua (Spain) AVL Adelson-Velskii-Landis (binary search tree) AVL Alabama Virtual Library AVL Allied Van Lines AVL Allport-Vernon-Lindzey (study) AVL Annos Vixit Quinquaginta (Latin: He Lived Fifty Years, epigraphy) AVL Application Version List AVL Approved Vendor List AVL Aroostook Valley Railroad Company AVL Asheville / Hendersonville, NC, USA - Asheville Regional Airport (Airport Code) AVL Assign Variable Location AVL Associated Veterinary Laboratories AVL Audio Visual Lighting AVL Augmented Voltage Left Arm (EKG lead) AVL Automatic Vehicle Locater AVL Automatic Vehicle Location AVL Available

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