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Reflow oven

Snehal Acharya


Reflow oven | 19 August, 2004

How r u all? since we r now planning to buy new reflow oven in that case i need your help. can any one kindly guide me that before buying new reflow oven what parameter we have to consider. awaiting for your valuable fbk.

with best regards, Snehal Acharya.

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Reflow oven | 19 August, 2004

Hi Snehal,

Here are some considerations for you:

Will you be doing Lead free soldering in the near future?

What level of throughput are you looking for - are you high volume, medium or low volume?

What is the support network like in your area?

What is the thickness of your boards, do they have large ground planes, or do you use pallets in reflow?

What are your space constraints for oven footprint & extras such as chillers & air purifiers?

What extras do you need - for example: retractable centre rail support, nitrogen ready or capable, board tracking, mesh belt & or rails, rail heaters, UPS, do you want fast start up times & profile changes, easy change heater elements, flux management etc.

We are also going upgrading our ovens, but I cannot offer any advice yet as what is good for us may not be good for you.



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Bill Ladakos


Reflow oven | 19 August, 2004

Hello Gentlemen,

Feel free to contact me with your reflow oven needs. We have many reflow ovens in stock. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 978-790-2774 Bill

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Reflow oven | 19 August, 2004

Things we�d like to have in a reflow oven are: * Small variation in temperature [+-2*C] from rail-to-rail. * Consistent temperature over time [3+ sigma]. * Thermal inertia / fast recovery to be able to respond to the effects of high mass boards. * Rails that are not affected by running the oven. * Low maintenance. Easy to clean flux baffles. Tolerant when oiling schedule slips. [Haaa!!! A joke!!!! Oil � slip, get it? Oooo, I�m leaving right now for the �Comedy Club�.] * Computer-thing for operator interface and storing programs. * Easy access to reasonably priced spare parts and supplies. * Documentation that is clear, complete, and in a language that is common for the technicians and operators using it.

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Reflow oven | 19 August, 2004

Hi Snehal, Plenty of useful inputs have already been offered here . Lead free compatibility indeed is a good suggestion. How about also considering maximum & operational power consumption of such an oven ? Rgds

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Rush Fan


Reflow oven | 24 August, 2004

Although pretty much standard these days, if you are planning on using Nitrogen, look for an on-board oxygen analyzer.

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Reflow Oven

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