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Wiper Paper selection (help)


Wiper Paper selection (help) | 6 August, 2004

Recently was bought a MPM Ultraprint 2000 and need to buy the wiper paper so any one have a recomended type or seller. ? thx.

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Wiper Paper selection (help) | 6 August, 2004


Wiper Paper selection (help) | 6 August, 2004

My suggestion is that there are alot of suppliers for this type product. Call a couple of distributors and have them send you samples. Make sure you know each manufacturer so that they don't duplicate. Review the performance and price of each one and make your choice. I was selling understencil wiping rolls to a large CM and was underbid on a lesser quality wipe. After a short period of time I got the business back. There are differences. Check them out for free. Good Luck

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Wiper Paper selection (help) | 6 August, 2004

In my wiper paper travels I discovered that many different brands are simply "repackaged" from a single manufacturer.

Look at fiber size, weave and porosity. In one case two paper were identical, just dyed green.

The prices ranged from 26 dollars a role to 7 dollars a role. I forget the cost per square inch....but as I recall MPM was selling their paper for 7 bucks less than two "after market" brands. Also, price can be a function of a yearly minimum purchase. For 7 bucks a role I had to buy 100 cases a year (2400 rolls).

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Wiper Paper selection (help) | 10 August, 2004

Can you list the other competitors? I used to go to MPM for resupplies but have since gone with JNJ Globaltech for the wipes.

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