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Micro Dot Paste Dispensing


Micro Dot Paste Dispensing | 22 July, 2004

Any of you guys can recommend micro dot paste dispensing equipment capable of fine pitch (around 0.5mm) and 0.3mm pad size?

I have a current project that needs the below requirement and we are trying on with the said process apart from the current standards of paste printing. Also, any pointers on the pro's and con's of paste dispensing vs. paste printing that you have experienced before.

Advance thanks for the help.

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Micro Dot Paste Dispensing | 25 July, 2004

Thanks for the info.

I have already talked with the guys from SIP (Speedline) for the inquiry about Camalot Dispenser. But I'm looking for other machines to benchmark so at least there would be a comparison.

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Micro Dot Paste Dispensing | 30 July, 2004

GPD Global provides a line of system to for small volume solder paste and condutive adhesive dispensing know as the MicroMax. Our systems have an accuracy of 0.001" at the needle tip, capability of two valve mountings, integrated closed loop needle calibration, auto needle cleaning, zoom and focus cameras plus other features that make microvolume dispensing a snap.

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Micro Dot Paste Dispensing | 30 July, 2004

The website for GPD Global is

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Micro Dot Paste Dispensing | 30 July, 2004

these are two others

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Micro Dot Paste Dispensing | 1 August, 2004

I have already been working with GPD regarding this project but at the same time the stage of the project is still on the selection process so I'm still open to other machines to be qualified.

As per current machine in house (Micromax II), we have yet to see particular consistent dispensed material on such small area. Specifically now since we will only dispense on 0.3mm pad @ 0.5mm pitch.

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