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repairs on a through hole 4 layer board



repairs on a through hole 4 layer board | 22 July, 2004

Hi, I'm new here, but I have a problem that I don't see discussed.

I am trying to repair a Zilog Z80 Encore Board. these boards use 4 layers. you can see the board here on page 11:

I have bought this board when it first came out and installed the 2 J1 and J2 headers. However like a normall person I soldered them faceing upwards. and now I have the general perpose modular expansion board that requires them to be faceing down. so I de-soldered the some 200 pins and re-mounted them on the other side. Problem is that I was Extremely mad at zilog when I was doing it and I ripped a few pads off the board in the proccess. I was mad because you need those headers in there to do anything with the board, the fact that you have to order them from someplace else and manually solder them in ticked me off, and then the iceing on the cake was that they didn't mention anything anywhere about a future expansion that will require the pins to be soldered on the other side.

*sigh* anyway is there any products which you can buy anywhere to repair these? I have seen these silver filled pens that is supposed to do the trick but I don't know if they will work on a finnished board that has a slick coating that bubbles up when you heat it.

Note that I don't have access to any "fancy" machines or anything. just what I can buy at radio shack and some online retailers.

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repairs on a through hole 4 layer board | 22 July, 2004

You can purchase pad repair kits at some "radio shack" type stores or you can order them from some such as Circuit repair corp. If you know where the signal traces go from the individual connector pins I woul;d recommend just adding a wire frm the pin to the associated via or component lead/termination.


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