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BGA Inspection Equipment

Rush Fan


BGA Inspection Equipment | 16 July, 2004

We are considering the purchase of equipment that would allow us to inspect beneath various components such as BGA's. Does anyone have any thoughts, good or bad, on the offerings of equipment currently out there on the market?

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BGA Inspection Equipment | 16 July, 2004

I cant wait to hear the replies. We are an Ersascope dealer. Have sold over 25 systems. Have looked at all the competitors and Fortunately in our minds, Ersa still offers the best system. Not the least expensive, but the best. I found that ease of use was extremely important. Also picture quality. And finally a database that allows you to educate yourself on what exactly you are looking at, the cause of the anomaly and corrective actions to be taken.

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Mighty C


BGA Inspection Equipment | 19 July, 2004

Good Morning Rush Fan,

We have a Metcal VPI 1000. We are very happy with the system. The price is competitive, software is easy to use and the picture quality is good. They have a great lighting scheme that illuminates under a BGA extremely well. The endoscopic mirror tip is replacable. The only thing negative that I have to say is the measurement capabilities. All of the measurements are based on the focus setting which is not an exact setting. For this reason, the system must have a high tolerance for measurements. They can get you by in a pinch but I would not rely on them as fact. This system also has a defect library but I suggest caution in the root cause based on either library. For instance, an overheated BGA ball looks alot like a cold solder joint. (without the collapse) It's good for a quick evaluation but I wouldnt use it as a go/no go guage.

I hope this helps Mighty C (A Rush Fan as well!) Hope this helps

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