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Solder paste height measurement



Solder paste height measurement | 13 July, 2004

I was wondering some input on what to use for measuring height on our solder paste for SMT placement. Is there a place to buy a machine or a scale in which you can use? I know in the past I have used a laser scope at another facility but where I am now they don't do anything in measuring paste height. Any help in locating something cheap and afforable would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Inspection Solution


Solder paste height measurement | 13 July, 2004

Hi Mark,

There are many tools available for measuring solder paste height. Most machines use laser as the basis for inspection while others use structured white light. If simple height and width inspection is all that is required, you can look into the single laser stripe inspection systems such as CyberOptics and LaserVision Technologies. Most machines can be purchased anywhere from $3,000 - $12,000 on the used market. New prices tyically range from $12,500-$20,000. If you have the need to measure volume, then your best bet is to look into a machine that provides "true volume" capabilities. Either a laser line scanning system or system using structured white light is the only way to accurately measure volume. Single laser stripe inspection systems can only estimate volume by drawing a region around the feature to establish an x,y (area) measurement. This value is then multiplied by the cross sectional height value to provide what is commonly called estimated volume. Whereas the true volume inspection systems calculate the volume of every cubic mil based upon each pixel in the Field of View. The downside of the true volume inspection system is price. On the used market, the price is normally around $15,000-$35,000. New prices range from $25,000-$50,000. ASC International and a few others can provide equipment to meet this level of inspection. Your best bet is to search the internet to find the companies providing this type of equipment. By typing "solder paste inspection", you will be surprised at the number of companies offering this equipment.

Good Luck.


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AOI Solution


Solder paste height measurement | 7 August, 2004

This is Ivan from TRI USA located in Santa Clara, CA Our company provide a Solder Paste Inspection System which uses 635 Line Laser to scan the panel and come out a real 3D height, area and volume measurement! We sold lots of this system in Asian EMS already, we now want to work on US market! this is the fastest solder paste inline 100% measurement system so far!! We are very aggrasive to US market, therefore brand new machine, one year part/labor warranty and life time SW upgrade, contact me 408 5679898 The Price is BELOW $ 10XXXX.00, we need an installed base within US now!


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