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Thick lead



Thick lead | 12 July, 2004

Does anyone have experience cutting lead for PTH component with the thickness of around 2 mm.?Any supplier that I can talk?Please advise.

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Thick lead | 13 July, 2004

No, experience, but a couple of comments are: * Your 2mm leads are proabably not ment to be trimmed. Consider returning these and buying components with shorter leads. [We know, we know. You have to build this piece of junk right NOW!!!! B-)] * If you insist on trimming these leads, do it before inserting the part on / soldering it to the board. Our concern here is that you could easily crack the solder connection when trimming leads like this after soldering. [We know, we know. You have to build this piece of junk right now and the boards are already soldered. B-)] * If these boards are soldered, with pliers you should hold the lead between the solder connection and the place where making the cut, while trimming to reduce the impact on the solder connection [or wave the components after trimming]. Similarly, the preferred component trimming machine would hold the lead close to the component body, while trimming the lead below this holding mechanism. HEPCO, Streckfuss, TED/Heller, Automated Production Systems, and General Production Devices are among the suppliers of quality lead trimming / forming machines.

Also, consider contacting these equipment firms about doing contract lead trimming on these components.

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