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Panasonic 08x04 Feeders Paper -vs- Emboss



Panasonic 08x04 Feeders Paper -vs- Emboss | 12 July, 2004

Can anyone tell me if the Panasonic K-style green emboss 08x04 feeders can be used interchangably with the white paper ones? If so what is the importance of the push pin and are there settings in the machine that need to be changed? Also is this (white feeders)something that was designed for tape manufactered in Asia due to the different type of tape used over there (stickier).


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Ross Clunie


Panasonic 08x04 Feeders Paper -vs- Emboss | 14 July, 2004

The short answer is "No" the white and green feeders are not interchangble. The green feeder has a channel in it to allow the "embosed" or plastic tape to fit flat at the pickup position. If you use paper tape in this type of feeder the tape can be depressed into the channel and cause pickup errors. If you use "embosed" or plastic tape in the whiter feeder the tape carrier does not sit flat and this will also cause pickup errors. The push pin in the white feeders is used to present the component to the mount nozzle. The amount of push is critical and should be set using the alignemt jigs. Incorrect settings can cause the component to crack (to much push up) or insufficent push can cause miss pick as the component will not be pushed up high enough from the paper tape carrier and the suction at the nozzle can be insufficent to remove the component from the paper tape. Hope this helps

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Panasonic 08x04 Feeders Paper -vs- Emboss | 15 July, 2004

We use paper tape in green emboss feeder without problems. But you can't use emboss tape in white paper feeder because the bottom of the tape needs a channel so the tape is supported on two side. Also, we remove all push pins. they are useless. We never have broken parts from pickup. Less calibration work this way.

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