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QSV-1 software problem


QSV-1 software problem | 7 July, 2004

Good day all,

We recently replaced the CTU and RTU hard drives and re-loaded the Q-soft2 application. We now get an error message on the GUI saying Qserve.vxd hooking error #4 .

During the process we tested the shared RAM and when the GUI sends a message to the RTU the word length is correct but the checksum is different. Somehow I think that this is the reason the CTU is not communicating with the RTU. I would like your opinions on somehow resolving our small problem and a solution for patching this persistanct problem. Thanks for your help. Cheers.

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QSV-1 software problem | 7 July, 2004

Steve...I believe if you go into the gui software and go to database...database network config.....then local config.....change that to c:\database. I believe the error is network related and there are workarounds.....let me know....

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QSV-1 software problem | 8 July, 2004


Finally got the Qsoft to work. We were not setting the Shared RAM resources IRQ's, I/O and Memory. Now we are trying to get the RT to talk to the GUI. Will update on our progress

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QSV-1 software problem | 15 July, 2004

Got the Gui and Rt to talk finally. It was as simple as receding the boards. Evidently they can move in the edge connectors. Thanks all.

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QSV-1 software problem | 27 July, 2004

Do any of you know of a third party TYCO support person in the midwest or northern United States? I need Mirae and Q-Soft training. THanks.

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