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CIM software

Gary Simbulan


CIM software | 12 June, 2000

I am investigating various (C)omputer (I)ntergrated (M)anufacturing software tools. I will be using this for offline programming of assembly equipment as well as creating process documentation, I have looked at Unicam from Unicam-Technomatics and CircuitCam from Aegis Industrial Software. I am wondering if there are other comaprable packages out there. I am looking for somthing price and feature competative.

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Dave A


Re: CIM software | 15 June, 2000

Gary, Have you looked at Cimetrix Inc.? They have several packages dedicated strictly to CIM. I think you will be happy with it. Website is Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks, Dave

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Re: CIM software | 15 June, 2000

Dave has posted his comments through the CBAR forum, but is not affiliated with the University.

Georgia Tech & CBAR does not specifically endorse Cimetrix software, although they are members of our lab.

Thanks, Matt Perry CBAR Program Manager

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