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QC Job Definition



QC Job Definition | 25 June, 2004


I am tasked to implement process change in our mfg floor. And one of the big problem that I can see is that to change a company culture where QC dictates the process and inspects every PCB. From what I know QC conducts random Inspection and operators inspect their job then mark defects for touch-up. Also QC just verifies if a process is being followed or not.

I see that I will have a head on collision with our QA and QC once I start changing this culture and I'm not well equipped with knowledge on what really QC does as I have not worked with QC. Can you guys help me and provide me information on what really QC does and what is supposed to be in their job description and how will they conduct the audit?

your help will be very much appreciated.

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QC Job Definition | 28 June, 2004

Probably every shop on the planet uses QC-types differently. They inspect boards for us, based on a sampling plan and work instructions for that board. When they find a problem, they put a little adhesive arrow on the board that points to the problem. The hand assembler that worked the kit corrects the problem. Supervisors from both groups defend their troops with passion.

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