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BGA rework station


BGA rework station | 15 June, 2004

Looking for feedback on an Airvac DRS24C Bga rework station. Looking for both good and bad feedback. Users only please, no sales folks.


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BGA rework station | 15 June, 2004

I have used one in the past and wish I had one now. Is that enough input? We had great success with this machine. The large lower preheat and board supports worked very well for large thin boards. We never experienced any problems with this machine and the support was excellent from Air-Vac. The programming can be a little overwhelming at first but after the first couple it becomes very easy and the things that you can do are almost endless if I remember right like moving the nozzle up and down during different stages of the process, thermo-couple control so you can stay very consistent regardless of board/nozzle temp, the solder extraction with vacuum works well as opposed to wick, etc... the only things I personally did not like about it were the language option and it does not do the rework very fast, it would take about 6 min. per BGA mostly due to the automatic nozzle positioning. Also if I remember right you couldn't "do a quickie" on it.

I would highly recommend this unit.

Russ (I am not a salesman)

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