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Universal Programming Software


Universal Programming Software | 14 June, 2004

I have an Universal HSP4791 in our production. After years I want to install a new operating system on the programming PC, because the PC get unstabil. The problem is, on this PC there is the Universal Programming System for the HSP 4791 and I can�t find the installation disks. Is there any possibility backup the installed universal programming system and reinstall it from the current PC?

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Universal Programming Software | 16 June, 2004

Did anyone have this problem yet?

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Universal Programming Software | 19 June, 2004

By Universal programming system I mean the UCT 50 software! I would be very grateful if someone could offer me a solution for my problem!

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Universal Programming Software | 19 June, 2004

I can help. Where are you located.

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Universal Programming Software | 25 June, 2004

Andreas, Please contact UIC at HSPTECHS@UIC.COM with your equipment number (on serial tag). We will be happy to replace your programming software with a LEGAL copy. Usually this can be emailed the same day as your request. verify...this older application can only run on Win95/98.

best regards, T. Vick

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Universal Programming Software | 6 July, 2004

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