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programming | 6 June, 2004

hi guys please tell me how to set up a program using fujicam software for cp machines, what sort of data do I need before and during programming?

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programming | 7 June, 2004

OK, First of all I think someone needs to get some training on this. Do you know how to edit the program? I don't want to explain in detail if you got some common knowledge of it. Write back and we see what we can help you with.

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programming | 12 June, 2004

Hi Mark please explain the steps which required to set up a program for cp machines

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programming | 14 June, 2004

I would say start at the website and sign up for support. After you do this (its free) there are manuals on adjusting and forming programs.

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programming | 2 July, 2004

hi Mark the problem with fujiamerica is that it only allows people who live in north america to get the support, it is asking too much personal details, so why it is free?

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programming | 9 July, 2004

email me and I will help best I can.

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