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Pick and Place Operation-Support Costs


Pick and Place Operation-Support Costs | 4 June, 2004

I also need help with the following Questions:

1. What is estimated yearly external service/support costs? 2. What kind of internal expertise do we need for in-house operation and maintenance? 3. How many operators are typically needed for one pnp machine, printer,solder operation?

Thanks once again for all the great information.

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Jon W.


Pick and Place Operation-Support Costs | 10 June, 2004

Dr. Lou,

Your first question is influenced by many variables. New equipment will have the first year free parts, labor and service. You may discuss a long term at time of purchase. Older equipment may (depending on maintenance) have a higher chance for a service call. Our recent experience has been with Juki's (2 lines were 730's/740's, present 2 lines are 2010's/2020's). We averaged 1 service call about every 1 to 1 1/2 years on the 700 series. The 2 year old, 2000 series machine have yet to have a non-warranty service call. Ask vendor at time of purchase for referral list and call them.

Second issue; in-house support. The extra expense for an experienced and properly training tech is your most useful investment. Operator training, process development and any quality issue can be improved with a quality technician.

Third question; operator support. We run two, non-AOI, lines with 3 good operators. One line is generally running single-sided, less complex PCI/PMC sized boards. The second line runs mostly 6U sized, very complex double-sided boards and the extra operator for this line floats between the two line where needed. We are a med to high mix/ medium volume OEM manufacturer.

Hope this is useful to you and good luck! JW

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Pick and Place Operation-Support Costs | 10 June, 2004


This is good stuff! Thanks.


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