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Pace TF1500



Pace TF1500 | 20 May, 2004

Looking for some feedback from users of the pace TF1500 BGA rework station. How is the unit working? Have you had any issues with repeatability.

Thanks MrMaint

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Pace TF1500 | 1 June, 2004

This is what you might expect from a economy (cheap) system. I have profiling problems, not repeatable. Underboard heater problems, temp. inconsistent depending on color. I'm stuck, so be careful!!!

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Pace TF1500 | 2 June, 2004

Try checking out the AT-707 from Advanced Techniques. They are based in Philly. We've had our for about a year now with pretty much no problems. The website has a video of the operation. Contact Steven Pitkis for a demo.

I have no affiliation with Advanced Techniques, just a satisfied customer.

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