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BGA PROFILE | 11 May, 2004

I have lot's of problem's with a u1 bga for a ibm board hira, what we need is the exact profile for the compt. if you need more information about the board or part just e-mail me and i will reply a s a p . thanks


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BGA PROFILE | 12 May, 2004

You say you have lots of problems with a BGA, tell us about: * Specific problems you see. * Solder paste supplier�s recommended profile. * Temperatures measured on the problem ball[s] of the BGA during reflow.

When you say �u1 BGA�, what do mean?

When you say �what we need is the exact profile for the component�, recognize that we don�t have clue. The recommendations of your solder paste supplier should be the starting point for your recipe. You then need to tailor this recipe to meet the specific characteristics of your board and components.

Consider reviewing the suggestions of: IPC - 7530 Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering (Reflow and Wave)

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BGA PROFILE | 19 May, 2004

Also look at IPC 7095 which is all abotu BGA processes including rework. the profile will be 100% based on your board - how many layers, how many are ground & signal, how many of those are the BGA connected to directly or indirectly, the component weight / style is it plastic or ceramic? what type of machine are you name a few more after daves

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