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0201 Placement



0201 Placement | 4 May, 2004

I want to find out if we can place 0201 components using a Fuji CP6-E 4000. If this is possible, do we require any upgrades to the machine. Is anyone doing this at present with this type of CP6. If so, what size of nozzle and feeder type is being used. We are placing 0402's at present with no issues. It will be interesting to get some feedback.


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0201 Placement | 5 May, 2004

Hello! Fuji FCP6-4000 cannot place 0201, unless you have the FCP642 but need to be upgrade with new camera and firmware. The FCP643 is ready for 0201, however, you still need to verify your pick up calibration. Fuji used to sell the upgrade kit for FCP642 but I do not know they stil do. Good luck

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