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Need CSM Toolbox


Need CSM Toolbox | 26 April, 2004

Does anybody know where I can get a copy of CSM Toolbox. Also a copy of the Optimizer or Digitizer. TY in advance. We just got a CSM84V and are having problems communicating with the machine {can't download files}; {CMU is not ready}. I have tried lowering the baud rates and made sure the cable was bi-directional.

I believe the copy of CSM Toolbox II 3.0V may not be incomplete, or is corrupted somehow. Please help. e-mail:

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Need CSM Toolbox | 28 April, 2004

What do the folk at Assembleon [ ] Philips say about your CSM Toolbox?

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Need CSM Toolbox | 1 May, 2004

I found through trial and error...that a special cable is needed to communicate with the csm84v. I used diagram 3 which is shown in the manual...We can upload and download files using the toolbox and Windows 3.1 It should work with Windows 95,98. The csm84v MUST BE ONLINE to communicate with Toolbox. I read somewhere that the csm84v should be offline...that statement is incorrect.

So the version of Toolbox we have does in deed work. Now if i can find the digitizer program all will be good. If anybody needs Toolbox II please e-mail me and i'll send you the zip file.

Special note to all...NEVER-NEVER-NEVR initialize the database, you will lose ALL files you created. The system will go to a default will lose offsets and all your fudicial, and feeder locations.

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Need CSM Toolbox | 21 December, 2005

Did you solve your problem finally ? I ask because we have same problem (Data initialisation).


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