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Torque Testing SOLDERED components



Torque Testing SOLDERED components | 5 April, 2004

A customer of ours has requested information on components tested using a torque meter. We have the facility to do this but it is a very uncommon practise.

Does anyone else do this during their manufacturing process and if so is there a procedure to folow issued by Jdec or IPC.

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Torque Testing SOLDERED components | 7 April, 2004

Your customer is a screwball!!! Tell him / her that you'd be happy to do such testing for a fee, providing the customer: * Signs an unconditional waiver absolving you of liability claims now and in the future. * Takes responsibility for any and all repair costs now and in the future. * Signs acknowledgement that such testing will likely reduce the product life and that you will not be blamed for the consequences now and in the future.

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