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Problem dynapert mps318



Problem dynapert mps318 | 8 March, 2004

Hello i have some problem with our dynapert. Wonder if you could give me some advise.

The problem is our machine worked not so well so we started to take out one by one of the cards and check all ic's so they was properly inserted.

But when we came to main-cpu board, and tried to start the machine again after that. The machine have totally forgot the feedercarrige position. He founds the start position. But when i try to get to tape 01 (of 60) he go alot out of range. tape 12 is more like tape 01 at the moment.

Its the same problem in the other way. tape 30 is tape 60 or so.

Need some help for this. I cant find were to get help.

Best Regards, Martin E, Sweden

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Problem dynapert mps318 | 8 March, 2004

Make sure the coupling that connects the motor to the rolex shaft is tight. Also make sure that there is no oil or grease on the rolex shaft.

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