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QUAD/TYCO 3rd Party Service


QUAD/TYCO 3rd Party Service | 4 March, 2004

We are looking for a freelance programmer/tech for Mirae and Q-Soft programs for 1010 and QSV applications. If interested, pls. email. Thanks.

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QUAD/TYCO 3rd Party Service | 4 March, 2004

Give some specifics.....Are you looking for on-sight programming? Version of Q-soft? Where are you located? Cad data or machine teaching?......(I happen to do both now).

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QUAD/TYCO 3rd Party Service | 5 March, 2004

Where is the location?

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QUAD/TYCO 3rd Party Service | 1 July, 2004

could help you if still requirement. Get in touch

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J. Dyer


QUAD/TYCO 3rd Party Service | 6 July, 2004

We are locvated in Peru, Indiana. Generally, we have some sort of CAD Data provided but no way of collecting centroid Data if it is not in the product files. We have had to do some teaching of parts over more than 300 placements in the past. If any of you may be interested, I would be interested in speaking with you.

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QUAD/TYCO 3rd Party Service | 8 July, 2004

Do you recieve Gerber File info. Electronic or hard copy BOM. If your still interested in a remote programmer please send an email. So we can talk. i presently program over 10 different manufacturer machines and some of these are all remote programming.

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