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tape and reel vendor



tape and reel vendor | 26 February, 2004

I need a tape and reel vendor for 5mm through hole LEDs. Any recommendations and what do they charge?

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Bill Aldeen


tape and reel vendor | 10 March, 2004

My name is Bill Aldeen, and I own and operate Nu-Way Electronics, Inc. We provide Tape & Reel packaging service for surface mount and through-hole electronic components. We're in the Chicago area, and we serve all of North America competitively. We've been taping since 1975, so we have lots of experience. Nu-Way is large enough to offer full technology, and small enough to offer personalized service. Please contact me at any time at Our web site is Thanks very much.

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Bill Aldeen


tape and reel vendor | 10 March, 2004

In my earlier message, I wrote my email address wrong. It is

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tape and reel vendor | 11 March, 2004 has a great web site. 1) they have a pdf that you can use for $ or 2) they have an online glossary with parts and cost available.


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Richard Y


tape and reel vendor | 22 March, 2004

Try these guys out: Tell the owner Chuck I reffered you. He's a great guy and is very reasonable. He even gives me hours in turn times AND that's making the tape and T&R the parts!

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tape and reel vendor | 30 March, 2004

I could use some help too. I have a bunch of SMD 4 Pads Inductors from Central Technologies. The dimensions of the part is 11.30x13.9x6.9 . I've called four companies already and none were able to find a carrier for this part. These parts are on plastic trays and they require sorting (Pin 1) before taping. Any solution? Rob

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